Our story

A decade ago, a group of young TV professionals faced an impossible mission: they were given a short six months to create a live broadcast daily morning show. There was no concept, no studio, no crew and a ridiculously small budget. They had to make something out of almost nothing, but they were eager to try. Despite the odds, the show was a success and a new production company was born.

Since then, the media landscape has changed dramatically, and so have we. Today we not only focus on live broadcast TV, but also work with branded and commercial content, with fiction and documentaries, and lately even with radio, vlogs and podcasts.

But despite new media platforms and financing models, all our productions have one common denominator that has lasted throughout the years, and that is great storytelling. And although our colleagues, studios and productions have substantially grown in numbers since 2010, that one morning show is deeply rooted in our DNA. We still always make the absolute best with the resources we are given, and we never say that cannot be done.